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Default Nothing to get defensive about...

I'm going to go ahead and sound off and say we back up our #1 defense last year again this year. One condition...We won't be #1 on stats again though. Why? I do think we will be more effective on Offense this year which will lead to more Defensive snaps = more defensive stats. Simple. I will say we are top 3 though. Why? Cause Hampton will be back. Hoke was solid, very solid, but he doesn't get a constatnt double team. Also, our secondary is looking better which will lead to fewer conversions for opposing teams on 3 and 17 or 22 or whatever happened to us last year on those days. The wildcard factor for me is our game times. Almost half our games will have either a primetime slot, or a primetime team so we will be amped with a chip on our shoulder. Lets hear what you think...
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