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Default Re: Conservative or Steeler football ?

Originally Posted by clevestinks
I just hate to pick on our play selections or conservativness, because I don`t won`t to seem like I disagree with Coach Cowher. I do disagree with him somewhat , but i also like him as a head coach, and would like to see him here another 15 years or so.

Steelers of the 70`s some of you remember. Run, run, run, and tenacious defense. But come big playoff games or Superbowls, the ball was put in Bradshaw`s hands. Throw throw throw, Big Defense. Nothing wrong with changing it up now and then.
I agree Cleve. I really like Coach Cowher and feel he is a great coach. I know we should stick to what we are good with, but we do need to change it up a bit. Hoping this year will be the year we get our fifth!
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