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Default Re: Steelers vs. Bengals Game Day Thread - 9/27/09

This football team is shell shocked. Yes they got the ball moving forward with Parker. But to lose the game for the second week in a row they way they have is really an issue that needs to be addressed. If that means some of these guys hop on a bus and ride home rather than taking a charter flight or if they are expected to be in the office tomorrow at 730am to breakdown game film or what ever this team needs to wake TFU and start playing like the team that finished the season last year.
Being conservative and sitting back thinking they are the best defense in the NFL is over and this is a new season....For this team every day should be played as if they were going to be eliminated from the playoffs and they aren't playing up to that potential.
I don't think its a WR, QB or a Troy issue....this is a team mentality issue and they need to get in line and start playing like they know how to win!
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