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Default Re: Censorship Criteria?

Originally Posted by Slanted August View Post

I apologize for my gross error and the poor judgement that I used in the placement of my thread. I was specifically referring to what Steeler Personnel that is allowed by the Board Police (not what version of Vbulletin this board uses or the size of the server database but its your gig so do what you want.)

If you insist on being the referee and taking the game away from the players then please, please, please compose a list of what players, topics, etc will be allowed on your lockdown list.

What if I wanted to write abou Neil Odonnell and question his judgement on his hot read to Corey Holiday in the Super Bowl? The thread progresses and divides into people being critical of the quarterback and people being critical of the wide receiver and the remaining population conludes that the QB/WR were not on the same page when compared to a Thigpen, Mills, Johnson, Hastings relationship.

You being the arbitrator decide to take control and place the thread on lockdown because you do not agree with what is your interpreatation of a "degrading thread".

How is this fair in a debate when you have ultimate control on a topic that does not: reference vulgar language, insults one's race, includes graphic references to one' mother, etc?

If you feel that this is what you yourself decides then why is there not a code of conduct agreement that the individual must click on when logging in to accept terms and conditions of who or what we are allowed to discuss in compliance to your standards?

That is wonderful that you volunteer your time and effort to this great cause but correct me if I am wrong....were you forced against your will to do this?

You refer to me as "bud" and if I have some type of problem that I can take it up with the admin. Please leave emotion out of this.

Look, if I do not like this board I can leave. I chose to participate because of some of most passionate brothers/sisters of Steeler Nation reside here.

All that I have asked and will ask again is what Steeler personnel and what topics are not allowable for conversation on this board? You have rules but you are too gray. If I am to follow the rules that you have created than should I not receive a black and white list from you or do I just generate posts blindly not knowing or having control of what you do not find agreement with? I want to be productive and stimulate points for contention not altercation.

Thank you for reading

I know you are new here. But may I remind you, that you have, in essence, walked into a local wateringhole. There is a history, relational dynamics, and friendships here. Some of the most heated battles will happen between people who actually KNOW each other off the boards and are friends.

all of that said, hang out for a bit and observe, just as you would do in a local gathering where you are the outsider at first. You'll quickly know everything you are asking about now.
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