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Originally Posted by Rek View Post
Nah. 2-14. The Steelers will lose to them, you know, because everyone thinks we suck now.
You guys will bounce back. (and quickly). I can see though that you guys are sorely missing Polamalu.

The Browns are truly pathetic though. Personally, I think it may start at the top. Lerner and his infatuation with Belichick has made this team a joke front office wise.

I don't understand the want to go back to something that failed in the past in Cleveland. Whereas the Browns refuse to go down and get someone like say, who follows Marty Schottenhiemr's model, which I think has been far more successful. Hell, you've guys have been using it since 1991? It's worked wonders for you guys. And the last time the Browns used it? 2 AFCCG Apperances and our best team since the 60's.

Also, I'm praying the Browns draft Eric Berry. Though I fear him too will be ruined by us.
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