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Default Re: Mangini flips a coin - Anderson will start

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
Or Bill Cowher? That's who they really want...maybe this was just a "place mat" hiring, somebody to sit there and occupy space until Cowher is ready to coach. he is, after all, who they covet the most.

As for Lerner, I think his original intentions were solid. He was modeling the organization after the 49ers of the 80's...only problem was that philosophy stopped working in the 90's when the league evolved and moved on...
Cowher is not going to take the job. I'd be shocked quite frankly. And really, I think it has nothing to do with loyalty to the Rooney's, not wanting to step on Pittsburgh toes, or hating Cleveland.

I really think he's either done with coaching or just waiting for a perfect opportunity (AKA Carolina) to fall into his lap. Cleveland, even though he's said before he has a lot of respect for the Browns and has been seen on eBay actually signing Browns helmets (believe it or not), is not that opportunity. It's light years away from being a contender and quite frankly is going to take at the very least 2-3 years to build to be at least a playoff team.

I'd love to see it happen though and would fully support such a move. He doesn't even have to coach really, even being a F.O./President type of thing would work out great IMO. If I were the Browns I'd even offer him a share of the team if he'd be interested.

I'd really like us to get Shanahan though, as a realistic choice. I think the zone-blocking scheme could work wonders in Cleveland.

Just no more Belichick disciples please.
Don't Blame Me, I don't have any control over the Browns.
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