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Default Re: QB Footwork comparison of Jamarcus Russell and Drew Brees

Yeah, there are plenty of guys with awkward mechanics that do just fine. Problem is, those are guys who do it intentionally and have adapted so it's part of their game, and Russell isn't one of them. He's just trying to play a regular game and doing badly at it.

As for the stopwatch part ... I couldn't agree more. For further proof of that, look at what the Raiders are doing this year with McFadden. He's a quick guy and a great receiver but not a good power back, kind of like if you had Parker and Moore rolled into one. Then they have one of the better power runners in the league in Michael Bush, and another decent one in Justin Fargas. So what do they do? Run McFadden up the middle all day for no yards, sit Bush and Fargas on the bench, and don't throw any passes to McFadden either. Not only do they draft terribly, but they misuse their talent too.
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