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Default Re: QB Footwork comparison of Jamarcus Russell and Drew Brees

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
Pennington has a noodle arm and actually has fairly impressive career stats. The strongest armed QB I ever saw was Ryan Leaf.

That being said, Brett Favre has terrible technique and throws off his back foot all the time. Looking for PERFECT technique? Todd Marinovich. How'd that work out for him?

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Todd Marinovich didnt have good footwork and technique. His father Marv is a strength and conditioning coach (who Troy Polamalu uses) who groomed him in speed, quickness and biofeedback techniques........but largely Marinovich's mechanics were awkward.

Brett Favre on the other hand has a really great 5 and 7 step drop, keeps the ball high, moves defenders with his eyes well and generally gets his feet in position to throw well. So he can throw a ball on the run and off his back foot......maybe that is why he is the NFL career leader in INT's.

Bottom line is fundamentals and technique give the athlete a better chance at success. Marginal talent can be made good by technique(like Drew Brees). Great talent can be made bad by bad technique(Jamarcus Russell, Ryan Leaf).
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