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Default Re: QB Footwork comparison of Jamarcus Russell and Drew Brees

I just don't get it...Marinovich didn't have great technique said so? Are you kidding me?

The kid was raised by QUARTERBACK COACHES. His footwork and technique were pounded into him from the time he was a little kid. His dad was a strength and conditioning coach, yes, but he surrounded his son with nutritionists, hand/eye coordination coaches, basically coaches for every aspect of the game.

On one hand you say coaching is everything, so I bring up the most over-coached player of all time, and you say his technique, which was honed from BIRTH was mediocre?

Anyway, it's irrelevant...Marinovich and Leaf were head cases, so it doesn't matter what their technique was like. MY point was there are always exceptions to every rule. However, since it's ME posting, I'm sure you'll shoot back that there are NEVER any exceptions to YOUR rules...
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