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Default Re: What other team got to the Superbowl after winning 3 road games?

Originally Posted by DIESELMAN
No way in hell you compare this years Steelers to the raggedy 85 Pats...yeah they won 3 playoff games but they didn't have the 6 game win streak coming into the SB like the Steelers do.This years Steelers are tougher,stronger, more cohesive and a hell of a lot better physically and mentally.

how, exactly, do you know that?

the '85 Patriots didnt have a six game winning streak going into the SB, they only had a stretch where they went 12-2 going into the SB, with the 2 losses each being by 3 points, at the 11-5 Jets, and at the 12-4 Dolphins. And they finished with the same 11-5 record this Steeler team did. AND I would offer the assessment that going into the LA Coliseum against the 1985 Raiders and into the Orange Bowl against the 1985 Dolphins was a more formidable assignment than winning at the overated Colts and in Denver.

and before the inevitable "Yeah but they lost 46-10" comeback, so would ANY other team to the Bears that year. And so would the 2005 Steelers.
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