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Default Re: Big College Game Thread....

Oklahoma is DONE. USC will coats through the remainder of their schedule.

I hate to say it (and I can see the Bucks haters heads exploding already), but here is a VERY possible scenario playing out even this early.

USC is now ranked 6 and OSU ranked 8. Of the teams remaining ahead of them in the polls, VT has the easiest path to winning out, as the ACC is still failry weak. They have GT ahead of them as the last ranked team they face, and the rest of their schedule is very winnable (BC, NC, E. Carolina, Maryland, NC State and Virginia). I believe they'll choke at least once though.

Boise State, even if they win out, won't deserve to play for the NCG as their schedule is a joke (Oregon is their only significant win, and their SOS is EIGHTY-FORTH...sorry, Boise, no dice).

Florida still has a tough ride, and they may have to play LSU minus Tebow. I doubt they march through the SEC undefeated, and the later in the season they lose, the more it hurts.

LSU is horribly overrated. No way do they go undefeated...i actually have them losing two games.

Bama still has to play a full slate of tough SEC games plus possibly the Championship...same story as Florida here.

Texas has a shot, but they have played absolutely NO ONE so far. I think they'll drop a game along the way LEAVING...

OSU vs. USC in the Rose Bowl for the NCG.
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