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Default Re: What other team got to the Superbowl after winning 3 road games?

Originally Posted by 3 to be 4
how, exactly, do you know that?

the '85 Patriots didnt have a six game winning streak going into the SB, they only had a stretch where they went 12-2 going into the SB, with the 2 losses each being by 3 points, at the 11-5 Jets, and at the 12-4 Dolphins. And they finished with the same 11-5 record this Steeler team did. AND I would offer the assessment that going into the LA Coliseum against the 1985 Raiders and into the Orange Bowl against the 1985 Dolphins was a more formidable assignment than winning at the overated Colts and in Denver.

and before the inevitable "Yeah but they lost 46-10" comeback, so would ANY other team to the Bears that year. And so would the 2005 Steelers.
dude your the one that brought this whole lame thread up.....I didn't say the Pats had a 6 game win streak going into the SB,did you not read and comprehend what I wrote? obviously you didn't I said "but they didn't have the 6 game win streak coming into the SB like the Steelers do." they referring to the Pats.why would I say the Steelers didn't have a 6 game win streak coming into the SB like the Steelers do?DOORKNOB!!!!!
As far as any other team that year.....your probably right,Da Bears of 85 were a force that no one could deal with.As far as the 2005 Steelers? I guess we'll never know but I can honestly say they would've put up a better fight then 46-10!!!!!

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