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Default Re: The Mean and Nastiest Ever!

Thats my exact list cleve.. man u read my mind!!! I'd say its a toss up between lambert and lloyd for top nasty/mean honors.. both of them would put you on ur ass for looking at them wrong or even breathing in the wrong direction of a teammate!!

Joey has definately carried on that tradition as well now !!!

except u cant spell lloyd as llyodd I fixed it for ya !

Another one I just thought of after posting here.. not someone well known for being mean, but he sure had a mean streak and nasty side to him on the field was Joel Steed. Strongest guy on the team, and never far from controversy in the trenches. I can remember him several times just off the top of my head getting into it w/ OL from the opposing team, giving RB's a slap as they got up off the field, ya know, cool stuff like that :D

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