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Default Help..need advice.

I am in a FF league that gives 6 pts per Rush TD, 1 pt for every 20 yds rushing/receiving, and 1 pt every 2 recepts.

My current RBs are:

Marion Barber
Ryan Grant
Glen Coffee
Tim Hightower

Someone just released Willie Parker. I have the #2 waiver position. Should I use my #2 waiver position to drop Coffee (who's expendable with Gore coming back) and pick up Parker which would assure me of the Steelers' starter since I would have him & Mendenhall?
After reading the idiotic threads over the past couple of weeks, I ask the question - "Who is worse...Steeler fans or Eagles fans?" Keep in mind that Eagle fans do not know what it's like to win a SB much less 6 and 2 this decade.
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