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Wink Just wanted to introduce myself...

I'm not exactly new, I've posted here quite a bit. But I realized I have never really introduced myself.
1st off, I want to thank Mike for making SF a great informative site, and Matt for keeping the forum in order. I also want to say that the only reason I started posting in this forum is because everyone here seems nice. I am sick of looking through other boards and seeing the negativity that comes out of these so-called Steeler fans.
Well a little about myself...I'm from Dayton, Oh :o I have been a die hard Steeler fan since I was a baby (I was even wrapped in a terrible towel at birth). Actually, my son was too! He is my pride and joy, with the Steelers at a close 2nd :D My Dad always jokes around about how I am such a girlie girl, except on Sundays when I get a little crazy. Actually I'm worse than most guys I know, but anyways..just wanted to say HI!!!
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