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Default Re: Conservative or Steeler football ?

How about this...NE and PHI can do several/many things well. Can they do one thing great yes. NE brings you crazy looks. But we beat it, heck MIA even did it. PHI brings pressure fast. Someone will get to you. Again, we beat it and so did some others. But for us, we are in the same category, but what is our one thing...power running. Now for the difference. NE and PHI can do these things great maybe 5-10 times a game. In my eyes, overall talent plus these handful of snaps can create a consistent winner. But look at us. All 16 teams last season KNEW WE WERE GOING TO RUN THE BALL. End result = 15-1. They knew it was coming and they couldn't do anything about it. I don't want to watch us hoping we make a sack or get a pick or throw a bomb to win. I want to see us get 3 yards on a screen on first, 5 yards up the middle, then 3 yards off the left on third. All of this on the first series is great cause you can see it in the other teams' eyes. They lined up 8-9 and couldn't stop it 15/16 tries last year. That makes for a long day. As for when the postseason comes, it still comes down to three things to win, effective running, good 3rd down defense, and minimize turnovers.
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