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Default Re: You gotta believe: Teams fight grip of losing

"What we have to do is grow up a little bit more, I think really kind of find ourselves, and that is just hard work and execution on Sunday," coach Tom Cable explained. "One thing I'm trying to do is make it be that simple, because it really is. I think as long as we stick to that and stay the course, we'll come out of it.

"Because you fail one time or three times, however you want to look at it, doesn't mean that you start over and throw your hands up. ... You keep going until you get it right, you keep pounding that rock until you get the jewel out of it that you're looking for. And that's the thing with this team, I've said it for a long time now, that you don't give in. You keep moving forward until you get it right. When you get it right, you hold on to it."
You keep telling yourself that crap when you're wearing your spiffy new orange jumpsuit, Tom.

The Raiders suck more than any team has ever sucked in the history of the NFL. If I wasn't witnessing this pathetic excuse of an NFL team with my own eyes........ aw... just f**k it.
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