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Default Re: Bengals-No Longer A Patsy

Originally Posted by Edman View Post
They're 4-1 with a 3-0 AFCN record with quite a few months left to play. I'll see the Bengals as legitimate if they continue their little run into November and December, and actually accomplish something. If you want to play the If game, fine. As I said before, if Lima Bean Sweed holds onto that ball in the endzone, this isn't even a subject right now.

Remember when the media was crowning the Ravens after beating San Diego? Well, things aren't so rosy now is it?

I cried 2006 repeat when I seen the Steelers literally bungle the game away in Cincy. Well, turns out things aren't so bad.

But in the immortal words of Dennis Green: "If you wanna crown 'em then Crown their ass!"
I'm not playing the "if" game or crowning them with anything. All I'm saying is that we're in teh 2nd quarter of the 2009 season and right now Cincy is showing that A-they can run the ball; B-they can defend the pass; and C-they do not give up when their backs are against teh wall near the end of the game. They seem to be improving with each game.
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