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Default Boise State BCS Thread...

This is kind of been covered, but...

This team in no way, shape or form should play in the National Championship game. I don't care if the BCS selects a couple two loss teams, but NO WAY do the Bronco's deserve a shot.


Well, despite the fact that they play in the woefully bad Western Athletic Conference, and therefore SOS is ALWAYS going to a huge obstacle, they actually scheduled a D-II opponent in their last game, UC Davis, and actually allowed that Jr. Varsity team to hang around.

I am vehemently opposed to top 25 teams padding their schedule with D-II opponents, and actually believe ranking spots should be stripped for doing so, but I can at least understand why a team that plays in a tough conference would schedule a game like that. But Boise State? The BIGGEST knock against them is SOS, so ANY opportunity they can find to play a D-1 foe they should schedule as heavy as possible. I give them some credit for scheduling Oregon, and they DID schedule a couple MAC schools, but UC Davis?

Unacceptable! I do NOT want to hear the bitching and bellyaching after the season when they "only" get a BCS bowl and not the NCG. They should be happy they get even that...
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