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Default Re: Maddox wants to be a starter..we all saw this coming !!

Originally Posted by RoethlisBURGHer
I like Maddox,however I never saw him taking us to a Super Bowl either.

I can see him requesting a trade (in private,not in the newspapers) to a team.He won't make a ruckus,he won't make it a distraction...but we all know he doesn't wanna stay in Pittsburgh and backup Big Ben.Maybe this is why we resigned Batch...maybe they are planning on trading Tommygun away.
I could see him doing this. Maddox is a classy guy. If he wanted traded he would do it privately probably instead of bringing the media into it big time.

Originally Posted by ironcitychef
I'm floating the fence. I think Tommy is our best back up, but if we want to trade him, he won't have a higher value as time goes on. Sell high, buy low. But if you do get rid of him, then I don't feel safe in other back ups.
I agree with you Chef. I can't remember seeing Batch play in NFL action. Sure I have seen him practice, but thats different. I am comfortable with Tommy as our #1 back up. I would like to see him stay at that position. If he goes I really hope Batch can fill in that back up spot well.
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