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Default Re: Prayers for HTG


I count the passing of the days.
with tears that mark the grey veils task,
and note lifes sad and passing ways
that called my loved one home at last.
I find in me the weight of lead
My soul too slow to flee earth's drag
And wonder at words your heart had said
sadly knowing that time apart does lag.
Yet in your promise a tale is told
And through memories, new portraits etched
That those who knew your loving soul
See in that reflection...Heaven stretched.
Now I sit upon the rivers edge
trying vainly to see the other side.
And make a solemn hopeful pledge
To someday with my love abide.
Hurt is often carings cost.
I swallow heartache, indure pain.
Knowing that which this realm has lost,
has now become sweet Heavens gain.

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