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Originally Posted by Prosdo
I agree. I saw that and was like #5????????? I was thinking 1-3. Most likely us taking the number 2 spot. I thought we may come 3rd with the Eagles taking two. But #5? Not sure what Ben's motorcycle has to do with our power ranking. In my opinion the ranking is bull.
Yah...I think their comment is uncalled for. All the other comment had to do with the teams off seasosn moves and their previous season...then there is the comment about Ben. 1st off he hasn't wrrecked like Winslow and the only reason they are making such a big deal about this is bacause of Winslow being an idiot. It has nothing to do with the game of football. But I do believe we will prove their rankings wrong...I think we will be 1 or 2 come mid season...maybe then they will give us a little of the credit these guys have earned!!!
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