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Default Most Memorable Steeler Moments

What's your most memorable moment being a Steeler fan? It can be a particular game, or anything else...
Well I have 2...
1) At the Steelers vs Bengals a few years back, I ended up meeting ARE's family. I talked to his Mom a lot and finally convinced her to take me down to where the busses where leaving from and I got to meet him, Bettis, Burress, and Porter. It was awesome...and when I met ARE, he actually picked me up and spun me around. I was so was a blast.
2) One of my fave games was against Baltimore in 2001 (at Baltimore) There was Ray Lewis on National Television saying "They want to see who the #1 D is...we're going to show them" Well we saw the #1 D that game and they were wearing the black and gold! That was also the game Tony Saragusa was telling his fans to follow our fans in the bathroom and take care of business while they did on the field. I don't know why...but that is one of my favorite games...I have it on tape and watch it all the time still to this day!!!

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