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Default Re: Congratulations from Seahawks fans

Originally Posted by SteelCityWarrior
You`ll feel more than sick you loser. Save your song and dance for someone who needs it. We had the win from the start and your petty trolling did no good. How about some sour cream for that latai. LOSER!
Thanks to all of the gracious responders. And please realize that I for one know that people like the guy quoted above is not representative of or tolerated by the Steeler Nation if my experience here is any indicator.

So remember when you are browsing a lame post from a Seahawk supporter, we've all got a couple of idoits that cheer for every team and try not to lump us all together.

Enjoy your victory and be safe!
A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man. - Jebediah Springfield
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