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Smile Re: Congratulations from Seahawks fans

Allow me to join in the "feel good" thread here. :) Congradulations to your team. 2 months ago they were barely in the playoff picture and look were they are now. The first #6 seeded team to win the Superbowl - that is saying a lot right there. Rarely does a wild card team make it all the way and win, especially on the road. The Seahawks were in the same boat back in '83, but lost to a much better Raider team in the AFC championship game.

A lot of Seahawk fans will say the Steelers won thanks to the referees, but I don't see it that way. Sure, there were a few questionable calls, but is the NFL going to take pity on the Seahawks and give them the Lombardi? Heck, no! What makes a team great is the ability to overcome all the obstacles that are in their path. Seattle has done this throughout the season, considering the numerous injuries they sustained, and the 22-year playoff monkey that was on their back. It's the same with Pittsburgh. They were 7 - 5 two months ago, and as I said barely alive for a playoff berth. Both teams did it, but only one gets all the marbles.

Roethlesburger(sp?) played a great game, and I forsee great things for him to come in his career with the Steelers. I was really shocked with how his team performed during one possesion the first quarter, 3rd down and 28 yards to go. Most quarterbacks, especially rookies, would cave in facing that kind of situation. Maybe get 10 yards, if they're lucky. Not him though - he got out of the pocket, took his time (much to my dismay, LOL - I was screaming at the defense to get their hands on him), and launched a rocket all they way down field - 1st down! Man, that is stuff that you only see from great quarterbacks, such as John Elway or Joe Montana.

Now comes the rebuilding for next year. God only knows what next season will bring, but I am confident that the Seahawks will be ready.
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