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Default Re: When in Pittsburgh...

Originally Posted by lambertfan99 View Post
You should really remove Firewaters. The beer is cold and it's in the tailgating district. Other than that , uh, it sucks. Food is not even respectable bar food. I can get cold beer just about anywhere. Also Grille 36 is not as impressive during game weekends. The place gets a mess , the food looks sloppy and tastes as though it were rushed, as expected when they are serving 10,000 people. It is a great place to go on an off night .
I will remove Firewater's if there is a consensus that isn't worth the time, but I would rather keep the list moving ahead instead of one person recommending a place and another trashing it. I gain nothing from the places listed. It all comes from fans, and that's what we're depending on here. Not some write up in a paper by a snobby food critic.

"For the people. By the people."

As for Grille 36, unfortunately that's almost expected when the place gets mobbed on a game day, but it's still a good place to check out. Like you said, "on an off night".

Originally Posted by SCSteeler4Life View Post
Is there any good clubs that want be all 18-25 year olds? Looking for a little more mature crowd 25- 45. Thanks.

Can't help on this right now. Maybe someone will chime in.
What are you looking for? Laid back pub with darts. Lounge with music. Trivia.

I realize you said "mature", but as$*#! come in all ages.

"Before you can win a game, you have to not lose it." -- Chuck Noll
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