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Default Re: Wetzel: The Path of Least Resistance Makes Most Sense for BCS

It's not OSU's fault that Washington was down, as they scheduled the game FAR off in the past. YSU was a favor from Tress. They never scheduled D-1AA before that, and never will again. MAC schools knock off BCS teams every year, just ask PSU about Toledo.

If you want to get into this, I will, because, arguably, NOBODY in D-1 schedules as heavy OOC as OSU.


They had H/A with Texas and USC, they have H/A coming up with Miami, Oklahoma, Virginia Tech, Cal, Cincinnati (those two are in the same year, too...both COULD be top 10 programs), etc, etc...and who's to say what the Big Ten schedule will look like form year to year? Iowa is legit this year, Michigan is on it's way back up, Wiscy is getting better, PSU is always a power, and there's usually another team or two that's for real. What if the year they play Cinci and Cal, the Big Ten has 5 top 20 teams? Should they cancel the "hard" games and play a Florida puss schedule instead? Fall back on the old "Boo hoo, our conference is hard enough" nonsense?

ANY BCS conference team that runs the tables should pretty much automatically deserve a shot. If they lose a game then you figure in who and how and when. OSU/LSU was a legit match-up, but LSU was the better team. I'd argue that USC was a better team at the time than OSU, but you'd need to go back to the original article...and I believe they lost to Stanford that year, which is about as bad as bad can be...
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