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Default Question about ticketsolutions and buying tickets at the stadium

I orderd tickets from ticketsolutions in june for the game on oct, 25 1:00pm. I did not want to order from this company but my mom wanted to use them to be sure we got the seats we did and not try ticketmaster.They first said they would ship october 15, then said the we would have them by the 22 or 23 now they are saying they will drop them off at the hotel my step dad will be staying at on saturday. Needless to say i am very worried they will not be there. I have never got tickets before and me and my mom went in and split the cost of hotel,gas,food,tickets etc. This is for my step dads bday. Now he is driving saturday and saying till monday but also stressed as he does not have the tickets. Do you think they will honor the ticket sale? I am worried even if they do they will delay again and say the day of the game ( more stress ). We got two seats in 510 c. Has anyone had this happen? Also we want now to give my step dad extra money in case this company does not come up with the tickets. Do they have venders there or do you have to buy from scalpers. Also due to the vickings score so far this year will there be tickets on sale there for this game and if so how much . If anyone could give a ball park figure of what i need to give my step dad to be safe and how you get tickets at the game it would be great ( i need 2 tickets together as my step dad is going with his brother ). I will never order from this company again even if i get the tickets the stress and the delays are crazy. You have no idea how much this help means to me and i really thank any help people can give.
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