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Default Re: Question about ticketsolutions and buying tickets at the stadium

This is bad news. My guess they are trying to scramble to "find" you tickets now. If they sold you 510, row C they should have had them months ago. There's no reason they wouldn't have them. Since you bought them in June, I'm guessing you paid far less than what they have been going for the last month or 2. Prices for this game doubled when they signed Favre.
My guess, they sold your tickets to someone who paid big bucks and are trying their best to satisfy your order but can't find anything for what you paid because the prices for this game are rediculous.
I'd get rough with these idiots and threaten to file suit for not only the tickets, but the total trip (hotel, food, any other expense you've incurred)
Truly a bad situation. Also, there will be scalpers, but prices will be high for this one as demand is high and supply is low. I would doubt you'd be able to even get into the stadium for less than $200 per ticket.
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