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Default Re: Question about ticketsolutions and buying tickets at the stadium

Tripp- You are right 511 and 510 are right next to each other and the aisle between the 2 sections split the 50 yard line so that is equal. But AA is nowhere close to being as good as C. Row A is the first row on the rail. Row C is the 3rd row. Row AA is the 27th row. Row LL is the last row. There are 38 rows total, so you're very close to the top.
This is total BS. Like I said, you can't even get in the stadium for under $200 right now, being you bought these in June you should rip them a new one. Honestly, the difference in rows is probably the difference in about $100/ ticket on the secondary market.
I would seriously look for some compensation from these idiots.

I know I sound mad, but I'm in a foul mood because I was going with a friend of mine who got free club seats from a client and I just informed him that my wife and I wouldn't be making the trip since my son is sick.

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