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Default Re: Question about ticketsolutions and buying tickets at the stadium

Yes - you're right about that. I've never had it happen to me, but they do allow the seller to pick a ship date the week of the game. What usually ends up happening is the prices drop week of the game and then the buyer gets pissed because he could have just waited and got better tickets for less.

I understand the frustration. However, I will say the fan protect does work for you if the prices go up like this Vikings game. Tripp above is getting screwed by buying early. Stubhub would have gotten him as good or better seats and billed the seller the cost difference, so in that scenario he would have been better off.
Ticket Solutions owes him big time if you ask me.
Oh and Tripp- Did they tell you AA was better than C. Because if they did, they just flat out lied, because I'm sure anyone in the ticket business knows better.
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