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Default Re: All members please read...SF Signatures

Originally Posted by BlitzburghRockCity
its killing our dial up users.
If you want an opinion from a dial-up user, it's these 500x150 ANIMATED gifs that are killing us, not ones that are like 500x200 (like mine at this time). The animated gif ones can run up over 200k a peice and when there are 3-5 in one thread and your computer hasn't loaded them in more than a day, it takes a long time to load the thread.

Right now, mine is about 76k in size. If you guys want to do anything to help us Dial-up users, please place a restriction on the animated gif file sizes at about 100k max or even better yet, a 100k max file size on all signature images. That will help us a lot more than inforcing a 500x150 sig size. Now, I'll try to resize mine if ya want me to, but it gets really blurry when the height is at 150. Heck, I think a height of 200 should be fine if you make the cap on file sizes at 100k.

So, what do you mods/admins think?

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