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Default Re: Question for Mods

Originally Posted by solardave View Post
I started a thread about the defense getting the game ball and Reed and Mendy getting something else. It got removed or I can't seem to find it. My question is how is this different from you telling someone to shut the F UP? Can you PM me with an answer? I'd like to know what exactly I can and can't say here!
I don't need to PM you - I was the one who deleted it and I'll tell you exactly why. Your thread was the same old SHIT, DIFFERENT DAY. I'm sick and God damned tired of the negativity around this place after a freakin' WIN and the scapegoating that goes along with it. Don't like it? Send Mike a PM and complain.

Damned straight I told someone to shut the F up who was exhibiting the same nauseating behavior as you were with that thread.

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