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Default Re: i am convinced

well, what calls are you talking about? I mean the few most obvious calls I am thinking of would be offensive pass intereference, the ben TD and the hold on the kickoff return.

The offensive pass intereference call, however ticky-tacky it was was just that, a push off, it gave the receiver leverage to make the play, had he not pushed off he probably still would have made the play but, then why did he push, as for the official calling it, when you watched the play develop right in front of you and you see the receiver's arms stretched out pushing the defender and then see the seperation, most officials I believe would make the same call. Although, I agree in hind sight it was ticky tacky, but still, you have to realize these officials are wathing the game at game speed in the heat of the moment.

The Ben TD I think was a good call. I think the ball crossed the plain while ben was in the air.

The holding on the return, was my biggest skeptical call I guess.

They hurt themselves with a lot of legitamate holding penalties, where the lineman were grabbing the defenders around the throats. I think there were quite a few plays where I saw blatant holds that didnt get called, that could have benefitted us also. I mean, people are making a huge deal about the officials, I understand where they are coming from, but you gotta step in the officials shoes for a minute also...
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