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Originally Posted by Rotorhead
HHmmmm, joined Feb 06, 2 posts . . . definately not a true steeler fan . . . no point in even wasting the effort in arguing an obvious Seachicken fan.

AGREED! Your post exposed you for a fraud. The calls were no where near what you would like to portray. How about Seattle NOT commit pass interference and holding on every other play. That would have helped them. There were SEVERAL holding calls on the Seattle OL that the refs completely missed. How about the block in the back that was delivered to Roethlisberger after he threw the pick? Instead of getting the ball at the 20, Seattle should have started at about the 40 the penality. Since Seattle could only go 20 yards for their only TD, they probably don't get into the endzone. go back to your Seattle boards and moan.....
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