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Originally Posted by steeltown
no, not even close to a seachicken fan!!!!!!!!! that is funny, thinking i am not a true steeler fan. yes i joined today, because i am just astonished at what transpired yesterday, good and bad. i usually dont read forums, just newspapers and espn. thats where i go to hear all the b.s., but wanted to hear the "expert and true" fans here.

any objective fan will admit that the calls played a role in the outcome. the holding penalty down to the 1 yard line, we would of been losing a play later in the 4th quarter. wow, that close to losing it all!

and yes i agree, we went through a lot in the playoffs, but people keep telling me about the cincy qb getting hurt and not having to play the patriots! do we go into new england and win? not sure and glad we dont have to find out!
Nah man, haven't you learned yet that nearly every person in the media hates Pittsburgh... Those columnists/analysts are dousche bags... Sometimes I wonder if they watch the same game...
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