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Default Re: Nothing to get defensive about...

Originally Posted by RoethlisBURGHer
I like the way our D is shaping up.

Coke and Townsend will be the starting CB's,Willie & McFadden will share the nickel and dime duties.

Polamalu will be beasting this year,I can't wait to see his play this year.

Hope will play well.

Porter,Farrior,Foote,and Haggans-now there is a LB fearsome-foursome.

Smith,Hampton (the best NT in the NFL),and Kimo on the DL.

Yeah...this is a defense to fear.We're gonna tear it up on defense!
It's not our D line or LB's that worry me. We got torched a few times against the Pats and that is something that has haunted us for a few years now. I like Townsend and Willie (he's getting old) and Troy. What we need is a veteran who can play well and help teach the younger guys for a year. Like Law if he is healthy and doesn't want a fortune.
We haven't had a really good core in the secondary since we had Woodson, Lake, Perry and Willie. The group we have now is starting to look good though.
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