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Default Re: Steelers vs. Vikings Game Day Thread - 10/25/09

I just made it back to Alabama from the game today. What a game it was! The Steeler offense has to start finishing games and taking some of the pressure off of the defense, but I guess this is what Steeler football is all about. Ben didn't look too comfortable today, but a win is a win and hopefully this particular victory will give the team more confidence heading into Denver in two weeks.

As a side note, while I was waiting to board my flight from Pittsburgh to Atlanta tonight after the game, Hines Ward came up to the check-in counter with his mom. His mom was heading back to Georgia and he was making sure she got on the flight. He walked right by me and as he did, I patted him on the shoulder. Folks standing around me were stunned to see him so soon after the game. Pretty cool experience.
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