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Default Any of you know THAT fan?

You know who I'm talking about. The Steelers fan that, after a win, can only talk about the things the team did wrong and who, after one loss, acts like the team is done for the season.

I work with a guy like this. He is a genuine Steelers fan, but I swear, every Monday after a game... the first words out of his mouth when I see him are something about how "the offense couldn't get anything done" or "the other team looked like they had us on the ropes there at the end" or "Big Ben sucked but at least the defense saved us" blah, blah, blah.

Look, I know that our team is far from perfect. And yes, I've cursed at the TV after a fumble, INT, whatever. And when the Steelers do lose, it's like having my spirit crushed for the week. And I understant that even in a win, it's important to evaluate what did go wrong and try to improve upon it.

By my God, only focusing on the negative is just flat out annoying. Especially when the team wins! So what if Ben only threw for one TD (he actually threw for two, but I'm done fighting about that)? So what if Mendenhall blew a chance to score? So what if it was the defense that finished the game? They won! Would you rather that they put up 48 points on offense but still lost because they other team scored 56?

I guess there's just no pleasing people. This is why I hate fantasy football. People get caught up in statistics and it sucks the fun out of seeing your TEAM... not some individual star player... win.
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