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Default Re: Any of you know THAT fan?

its funny i was gonna write a post like this...i understand that, after a loss, yes its ok to be mad at the team IF they shot themselves in the foot and lost a game they really should have won i.e. bungles and bears...but to criticize after a WIN? thats so ridiculous, i honestly think that the ones that just say negative things after a win/loss arent true fans, theyre just complainers who happen to like the steelers wen theyre winning, and if they are a true fan, then theyll be watching the team every week whether we win or lose, so why complain? if ur gonna keep watchin em every sunday/monday and ur bitching does nothing to help or hurt, cuz ya know...YOU'RE NOT A COACH, so why complain so much? like i said, its ok to be mad and vent every once in a while wen the steelers shoot themselves in the foot, but other than that ya gotta let it go
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