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Default Re: GO GATORS!!!

Let me just start out by saying that I hate Tebow.
The knob-slobbering that goes on for him during the talk shows as well as during the games (Enberg and what's his name) is unfrigginbelievable. It's Brady-esque in all its horrifying reality.

Back to Tebow:
He is average to above-average at best
He is a glory-seeker who hasn't a clue about what the word "Team" means (unless, of course, the Team helps him to get more self-glory)
He is an arrogant punk-ass who shows absolutely no Sportsmanlike Conduct when he talks sh*t to and flips off the opposing team's fans in the stands. Sorry, that ain't a Professional (or, in his current situation, Semi-professional) athlete. Especially a QB, who is supposed to be the epitome of the representative and leader on a team

He will get drafted. Hopefully by the Raiders. When do we play them next?
Otherwise, we'll just have to wait and let some other DT or LB or cornerback jack him up, PRO-football style

As for the Arkansas-Florida
It was PATHETIC in the way that the refs called the game in favor of the Gators. I mean, C'Mon Man
--A pass interference that wasn't
--An Unsportsmanlike Conduct that ABSOLUTELY wasn't
--A spotting of the ball after a Tebow run that was a full 2 yards beyond where his knee hit/ he went down which, incidentally resulted in a first down---that wasn't

and these are just off of the top of my head
Arkansas won that game.

(BTW, I have NO preference whatsoever in who wins the National Championship---none. I live in Alabama and have always liked the Tide since the days of Bear Bryant. I have lived in New Orleans and do like LSU. I was born/raised in Pittsburgh and like both PSU and Pitt. I like OSU; like get the idea? My observations during the ARK/FLA game are not coming from any type of team Homerism. It simply does not matter to me who wins. If I had to pick a college team it would probably be LSU because I lived in New Orleans for ~20 years. But it really doesn't bother me much if they lose (unlike when the Steelers lose and I go into a week-long funk!)
BUT----I do love the game and I want to see it called and won fairly. )

That game just showed everyone that there is an undeniable bias that "they" (the BCS boys) want to see Florida and (either) Bama or Texas in the National Championship game. (Which is fine by me. Just get there legitimately)
I think the suspending of the officiating crew was an afterthought because so many people b*tched about the way the game was called.

How does it occur that BOTH FLA and Bama win (in an ugly fashion, I'll admit) and their ranks are switched? Granted Bama almost lost to Tenn, but they did win. Does almost losing figure into the BCS Ranking? The whole thing is just crazy.

We now have Marsha Brady and TIMMAH Tebow getting slobbered by the media (and I thought Urban was gonna kiss Timmy after that LSU game. Good thing he still had his helmet on 'cause there was that post-game moment of man-love when Urban so gently touched his head to Timmy's---it was special

OK. End of Rant

(Tebow Sucks)

OK. done.
... I firmly believe that any man's finest that moment when he has to work his heart out in a good cause and he's exhausted on the field of battle - victorious.
--Vince Lombardi
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