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Default Re: Congrats to the Steelers fans...still hard to swallow

It was a p!ss poor SB ALL AROUND IMO.

Both teams looked frightened in the beginning, and then the officiating was horrible BOTH ways but unfortunately the questionable calls against your team were on HUGE plays.

Did we get the SB "handed" to us? I'd say no.

Did the officials decide the outcome? I'd say no.

Did the officials change momentum as crucial times? Definitely!

We faced the same crap against the Colts who IMO were much better than Seattle and we still overcame it. Seattle didn't defend on the Steelers two biggest plays and the REFS had NOTHING to do with those plays.

I wish they would eliminate the stupid "bye week" between conference championship games and the SB. It takes two great teams playing at a high level and screws up their timing. Plus in EVERY other major sport the playoffs are all about SURVIVING the tough schedule and winning it all. Imagine if they took two weeks off between the NBA, or NHL finals?
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