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Default Re: Congrats to the Steelers fans...still hard to swallow

Originally Posted by ZornToLargent
After the Steelers Colts game....I can't believe you now take it so blindly. The officiating in this game was one of the worst in Super Bowl history.

Yes, The Seahawks should have done a lot more to over compensate that. We should have caught those dropped passes and made some of those missed field goals. The Steelers had the big play when it was needed most, and for that I commend your team as Champions.

But the way I see it, it was the BS call to call our TD back....and a COMPLETE pile of Testiverdi horse shit that they gave Rothisburgher his....or let his stand. That was no way a TD. From every camera angle I saw...I never saw the ball cross the goal line before he was down....the refs in the booth even told Holmgren that it wasn't a touchdown but the field ref had no indisputable evidence to over turn the call....what a crock!!

In my opinion, yes, the refs had a big say on the outcome of the game...they should have been given the MVP.

Congrats to the Steelers fans though. You are some fine football fans and deserve this win, enjoy it!

I?m eating some crow?..but it?s EXTREMELY hard to swallow.

I had a blast on this site?so thanks to all that run Steelers Fever.

We?ll see you again next year!


It wasn't the refs in the booth who told Holmgren it wasn't a TD, it was his own coaching staff. IMHO, the tip of the ball crossed the goal line, two to three feet above it.

Seattle was unable to take advantage of Ben having one of his worst games and the refs had nothing to do with Willie Parkers 75 yard TD run, and I didn't think that they had coverage on Hines Ward on Randle El's TD pass.
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