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Default Re: Antwaan - Sign him up!!!!

See, here's the kicker for me. I want EL to say very badly, but......I can't see him getting "paid" to be a #2 man....not even close. Ideally, he's our #3 receiver, he is the perfect slot guy. We need a #2 man that could do the things that Burress did and be consistant. Can Wilson do that.....doubtful, can Morgan......doubtful (he didn't with the 2-3 other teams he was on). I really think the Steelers will explore their FA options with a viable #2 WR. EL will get a lot more money than most #2 guys now......unless he is the consumate team player and will take less money to stay here and possibly a lesser role......I think he'll be wearing a different uniform next year. I just don't think the FO feels he is the best fit as our #2.
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