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Default Re: Congrats to the Steelers fans...still hard to swallow

I agree.. The ONLY horrible call that was a no brainer wtf call was the Hasselbeck cut block tackle majig.. I don't know why the hell they called that but whatever.. I can't change that and nor can anyone else.. The reason why people are screaming rigged is cuz of ESPN announcers like Salisbury steak and that Stevens fag writer.. THere garbage is fueling an uneeded and uncalled for fire and so people are jumpin on the bandwagon.. It's there way of making themselves feel better and have at least an excuse for losing a game they probably should have won. What's funny is that the players .. not ONE of them blame the refs or anyone else except themselves.. Jeremy Stephens blames himself for the loss.. Hasselbeck blames them not getting the job done for the loss.. The Steelers got the job done and we didn't were his words.. In the end.. The refs are human and you can't see 360 degree angles so nobody can be 100 percent perfect all the time.. The reason we can complain so much is the 50 million replays from every angle.. If technology wasn't as good as it is today we wouldn't be having these arguments as the calls would be what they were called.. No 250 million people judging it from the 20 other angles there being shown on tv.. Personally I could never nor ever want to be a ref for this reason alone.. Someones always going to see something different than you.. You have 1 angle from the field.. TV fans have every angle under the sun.. and slow mo.. and aerial cam.. I mean comon.. Eventually you can take the refs out of the game and just call the penalties after the plays over once the guys in the booth have looked over the play from every angle.. Once it's scanned completely.. Next play.. Is that what football is gonna have to resort to?? Comon fans.. It's a game.. It's over.. Move on in life.. The Seahawks players I'm sure have.
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