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Default Congratulations Steelers

Cowboy fan here. Can't say that I was cheering for you guys, but I knew all along you guys were the better team.

I am just really tired of hearing about the officiating, conspiracy and or agnedas. Sure, it was not the best called game by the officials that I have ever seen, but that has nothing to do with Seattle losing.

Seattle had their chances and they blew them. Pittsburgh was and is the better team.

I think those who want to throw out agendas and conspiracies are only taking away from the credibility of their team if they have ever won a Superbowl or if they ever win a Superbowl in the future.

Anyway, I know you guys are enjoying your Superbowl win but then you have to turn around and hear all the junk being said.

Just realize that real fan who know football know what is up. The better team won.

Congratulations Steelers.

Now may the Cowboys win the next one!
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