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Default Re: Congrats to the Steelers fans...still hard to swallow

Hasselbacks 15 yarder and Ben's TD were both questionable. The steelers actually got that same call called on them a few games back to. They call it because they dont want anyone to block or tackle at the knees as much as they can. The Ben TD, had it not counted would have put the ball at the 1/2 inch line. I think the steelers would have gone for it anyway and score on the next play. The two penalty calls were correct. The RT held haggans and jackson created separation before he got the TD, those were 100% correct but because they happened on two big plays, now its blame everyone but ourselves for the lose. Its not the fact that the kick missed 2 FG or Matt threw an INT, its lets blame the whole world not on calls that were correct.
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