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Default Re: Congrats to the Steelers fans...still hard to swallow

Originally Posted by ZornToLargent
Hey 83-Steelers-43, congratulations man, your team won the game! Way to go! No doubt, I would be as happy as you are....had my team played well enough to over compensate the bad officiating. No sour grapes here....we should have played better.

But the officiating in the NFL as a whole needs improvement and I hope as a football fan, you can recognize this. And on no bigger stage to display that as it was displayed yesterday, in Super Bowl XL....especially when that was supposedly the cream of the crop officials.
I never stated the officiating was perfect. The Indy game proved that. Was I upset with the Troy "non-interception"? Sure. But If we would have lost I would not have used it as an excuse for our loss. Maybe that's just me. In my opinion, great teams over come bad calls, such as we did in Indy. It's part of the game. Until there is a perfect system in place (which I never see happening) that's how it will always be in the NFL and in any other sport for that matter.
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