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Originally Posted by GoFins11 View Post
Have fun with that

I repect winners no matter if I dislike them or not. I dislike OSU and think they are overrated but I sure as hell respect them.
I have posted before that I really don't care who wins the Natl. Championship
But you have to admit (take off the Homer glasses) that the deck is very much stacked in favor of Florida---ALL of their OOC games are basically pathetic scrimmages. They don't play a single worthy opponent (like OSU) so that their record remains unblemished. It's an inherent flaw of the whole BCS system which requires that a team go undefeated to be considered worthy of a Natl. Champion.

Like many, I think the BCS system should be used to get down to a final 4 (or 8, or however many) and those teams should then go into a playoff round...there would still be some BCS BS, but it would approach being something more fair in determining who truly is the Champion

Won't EVER happen---there are too many BIG bucks floating around (both above and below the table) that will keep the BS system right where it is
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