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Originally Posted by go fins
Have fun with that

I repect winners no matter if I dislike them or not. I dislike OSU and think they are overrated but I sure as hell respect them.
I DISRESPECT teams that take the approach of "winning at any cost" ESPECIALLY in college.

Eye gouging is serious business. I remember when OSU linebacker Robert Reynolds choked Wiscy QB Jim Sorgi after a play. Choking is serious, but isn't going to kill anybody (not when only done for half a second, anyway) or scar or permanently disable them like poking an eyeball out will. Reynolds was suspended for a full game.

UF should have lost to Arkansas and they were literally handed a win. They may very well go on to win the NCG but they will now be in the game undeservedly because they "lost" to an mediocre Razorback team.

Why would I respect that? Why would you? Why defend the indefensible? Why apologize for abhorrent behavior? Don't you want your team to win and win with honor and dignity all on the up-and-up?
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